Chattanooga Icon Watercolor


Last time we were in Chattanooga we didn’t go to Ruby Falls, or the Tennessee Aquarium, or to Rock City Gardens, or the Discovery Museum. Why didn’t we go to any of the top attractions? Because my husband thought it would be best if we went on a free, self-guided walking tour. It wasn’t all bad though. We did get to see the outside of the Tennessee Aquarium and the outside of the Hunter Museum of American Art. I will say it was humbling to stand at the start of the Trail of Tears. And he redeemed himself a little when he rerouted the walking tour and ended it at The Ice Cream Show. Delicious!! All in all Chattanooga is a beautiful gem of a place in the Tennessee mountains. Take this custom watercolor print with you when you decide to go on your own walking tour of Chattanooga!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this print will keep you talking for a lifetime!