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So, what's with the blanky... 

29 years ago, on a warm spring day in Cincinnati, a little girl was welcomed into the world. 

Like most babies, she was presented with a blanket to keep warm. 

Unlike most babies, this blanket stuck with the girl as her trusted companion into adulthood.

The blanket was always there for the girl, comforting her and making her feel safe. 

In exchange, the girl took the blanket on all of her exciting adventures. 

Together, they took on the world.


Then one day, many years later, the girl met a boy. 

She found that the boy and the blanket had many things in common.  

The boy made her brave and confident.

Like her blanket, he explored the world with her and together they experienced many new things.  

The girl, the boy, and the blanket make quite the team--your team.

The Green Blanky Studio team aims to create products that 

are inspired by these relationships and their experiences; 

products that are whimsical and fun, 

products that inspire adventure and excitement, 

products that come from a deep sense of love and appreciation. 

Here at Green Blanky Studio, we love the process and experience of creating each of these pieces. 

We hope you love them just as much! 

Lauren Stegeman

Lauren is passionate and driven with a beautifully free spirit.

She has worked hard to keep Green Blanky growing since its’ inception back in in 2013.

When Lauren isn’t watercolor painting, order packing, or craft showing, she can be found waterfall sliding, worldwide traveling, and general merrymaking.

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John Simpson

John is an aspiring-architect-turned-product-namer-slash-GBS-arm-candy. As senior intern at Green Blanky, John spends his time picking up the slack that Lauren never ever drops. When John isn’t trying his best to not get in the way of day-to-day Green Blanky operations, he can be found in Lauren's suitcase waiting for the next plane ride or waterfall slide.

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